Early on, in 1959, Bäumer cultivated and promoted business relations with the USA. At first there was a representation under the direction of Mrs. and Mr. Arzdorf. For 20 years, Arzdorfs served customers in the USA and Canada with sales and customer service before they went into well-deserved retirement and Baumer of America, alias BoA, was founded.

With the foundation of BoA in 1980, a separate building with warehouse and offices was built. Shortly afterwards, the branch was set up under the leadership of Bob Breu. Under his leadership BOA developed rapidly. The first assembly work was carried out at this location  on the HFS (hand operated machine for contour cutting). For customers in North America, BOA became an important contact partner for on-site services which included the carrying of spare parts, local phone support and US based technicians.


  • Foundation of BoA


  • Matthias Schuster, grandson of the founder Albrecht Bäumer, took over the business.


  • The next move was to a larger location in order to be prepared for the upcoming further development of increased service. In the new facility we started the manufacturing of band knives which was a  resounding success as we used our considerable knowledge already used in Germany and replicated this to produce high quality blades.


  • BoA generates one-third of total Baumer annual turnover


  • Opened a new machine showroom to demonstrate new technology.


  • The first Open House took place in New Jersey. Afterwards it established itself as the "Oktoberfest" offering the opportunity to meet staff and management under a relaxed setting and product innovations are regularly presented on site.


  • BoA´s businesses were handed over to the next generation. Philipp Schuster takes over the management.


  • The West Coast Office opened in order to serve customers locally.


  • The BoA corporate office was refurbished with increased blade production and refurbished used machines being sold.


  • A new General Manager starts at BoA, Uwe Scharfy. He added additional capacity for the blade production due to increased demand. But not only the blade manufacturing capacity has been increased, also the customer service and service technicians.  BOA is looking further to continue its growth path in the years to come to strengthen the New Jersey location.

About us

The Baumer of America subsidiary has been cultivating and promoting customer relations in the USA and Canada for almost 40 years with its own sales of machines and parts for foam processing. BoA developed rapidly and today offers customers a wide range of additional services in the field of foam cutting.