Block lifting systems

  • Block lifting systems for the transport of fresh and fully cured blocks with a length of 12 to 60 m
  • Block storage systems provide a large storage capacity
  • The block gripper consists of a welded carrier frame with longitudinal continuous carrying rods mounted to motor-adjustable support arms
  • Available as manually operated system with Radio control incl. position preselection or as fully automatic system with block data management
  • Engineering and production of the block lifting bridge in cooperation with an authorized company specialising in cranes; engineering and installation of the block gripper by Bäumer
  • The block lifting system can also be used as supplement to a block storage system
  • The size of the storage hall is adapted to the planned annual tonnage and to the size of the curing rack
  • The lift drives are optionally available with frequency control

About us

The Baumer of America subsidiary has been cultivating and promoting customer relations in the USA and Canada for almost 40 years with its own sales of machines and parts for foam processing. BoA developed rapidly and today offers customers a wide range of additional services in the field of foam cutting.