Block lifting system with monorail trolleys

  • Available as two-rail system (30 m installation) and  four-rail system (60 m installation)
  • The 60 m block lifting unit consists of 4 single-rail trolleys, 2 block grippers, a central control system and a power supply system for the electric supply of the single-rail trolleys and block grippers
  • For the tranverse movement the crane unit runs in existing crane runways
  • The drives for the tranverse movement are frequency-controlled
  • A laser distance sensing system is provided for each monorail trolley
  • The monorail trolleys are electrically synchronized
  • Compared to overhead crane runways, the aforementioned system generates much less roof load
  • For block lengths of approx. 45 m and longer, two block grippers with separate transportation systems are installed as a rule
  • These systems can be operated synchronously as well as in separate cross drive
  • Laser measuring systems ensure maximum precision in positioning

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