Rack system

  • Rack for storing foam blocks after the foaming process as reaction storage and after cutting to length
  • For high production volumes, investment in long block engineering is recommended
  • To be able to carry out this task in a rational and efficient manner, our product range includes storage rack systems for the handling of the raw uncured blocks
  • Turnkey, customized storage systems in lengths of 12 - 120 m
  • Customer-specific number of slide-in modules depends on capacities and annual tonnage
  • Available with semi-automatic or fully automatic control or integrated in a superior control system (POS: Production Ordering System)
  • Optimum handling of fresh blocks, in particular for demanding foams without physical impairment
  • Automatic storage systems allow high productivity and flexibility in production
  • Rack systems can be installed in a hall or, as it is often the case, the steel construction of the storage racks can be used at the same time as carrying construction  for a sheet metal sheathing thus considerably reducing the costs for a hall construction

About us

The Baumer of America subsidiary has been cultivating and promoting customer relations in the USA and Canada for almost 40 years with its own sales of machines and parts for foam processing. BoA developed rapidly and today offers customers a wide range of additional services in the field of foam cutting.