Process optimisation: More efficient production and higher production quality

After precise analysis of the current production status, our experienced process technicians recommend the modification of certain process sequences. Decades of experience with customers and methods tried and tested in our technical laboratory in Freudenberg can also improve your processes and ensure that you benefit from permanent competitive advantages. For Example:

Production of mattress edging using spring cores.

Process sequences in conventional production:

  1. First, sheets are usually cut from a block using a horizontal cutting machine.
  2. The sheets are transported manually to a conventional vertical cutting machine.
  3. The sheets are stacked by hand, on average approx. 6 to 8 sheets.
  4. The stack is now cut to the length of the rectangles.
  5. The stack is turned manually by 90°.
  6. The stack is now cut to the width of the edging.
  7. The edging is unloaded by hand.
  8. These process sequences are repeated 3 times for each whole block.

Process sequences in optimized production:

  1. The block is transported automatically on a horizontal contour cutting machine.
  2. The block is automatically cut completely into the required edgings.
  3. The finished cut block is automatically unloaded.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Faster production as a result of the recommendation of process sequences and modernization measures.
  • Higher product quality, for our workers have wide experience in handling demanding specification profiles.
  • Cost savings through greater efficiency and waste reduction.
  • Optimized settings for your machines, with the result that machine accuracy and dynamic range are improved.

About us

The Baumer of America subsidiary has been cultivating and promoting customer relations in the USA and Canada for almost 40 years with its own sales of machines and parts for foam processing. BoA developed rapidly and today offers customers a wide range of additional services in the field of foam cutting.