Software innovation for daily production nesting

To make the most of a foam block, Bäumer has taken the next step and developed a new nesting program: Bäumer Mattress Nest.

Fully automated nesting of daily mattress production – promptly planned and true to quantity

Up until now, the daily production from importing to finishing had to be planned manually. Manual nesting, however, is not true to quantity because the machine operator nested only one type of mattress from the block until the complete block was full. This inevitably resulted in overproduction and warehousing.

Bäumer Mattress Nest makes it possible to carry out nesting true to quantity and fully automatically by planning the complete daily production in one go. Less manpower is required for planning and machine operation. Manual intervention in production is not necessary, but still possible. The complete production is quicker and more cost efficient.

Automatic creation of cutting programs and cutting jobs

Bäumer Mattress Nest imports the order data into the system every day or for several days and first sorts automatically them according to the required qualities. Then programs for different mattresses which can be cut out of a short block or long block are optimally nested automatically, and the cutting programs created in this manner are executed in one continuous process on the BÄUMER horizontal contour cutting machines.

Because the cutting program executes the main program (e. g. the mattress contour) and the side programs (e. g. cutting the mattresses to length) in one continuous process, different mattress types (e. g. children's mattresses and overlengths) can be processed in one single short block.

In addition, the program automatically detects during nesting whether different mattresses have to be processed without any interval between cuts or whether an interval must be maintained. The remaining capacity of a residual block is also identified and factored into the calculations allowing for a freely selectable, tolerable waste quantity. In case of larger residual blocks, the order list can be filled with standard sheet dimensions or other orders.

Bäumer Mattress Nest at a glance


  • For automatic mattress and sheet production
  • Can be used for short blocks as well as for long blocks


  • Importing of mattress orders for daily or multi-day production
  • Planning of all required mattresses and sheets with various qualities and measurements without overproduction and without warehousing
  • Filling of blocks with other orders or filling sheets
  • Program gives warning of excessive cuttings with inefficiently filled blocks. In this case, these parts can be shifted to the next nesting
  • 3-dimensional preview of block utilization
  • Special nest algorithm guarantees optimum material utilization
  • Quick and prompt planning is possible
  • Short blocks are optimally planned in the long blocks, so that cuttings are reduced
  • Long block scraps can be filled with standard short blocks

Feedback to the ERP system

  • Importing of bin status reports (high-bay racking, long block warehouse, short block warehouse)
  • On-the-fly data feedback of planned and cut production
  • Complete production feedback. Damaged blocks and parts, for example due to incorrect foaming, are shown separately

Customer benefits

  • Automated and efficient production planning
  • Quick preparation of production with minimum manpower
  • Automatic production process
  • Less personnel for planning and plant operation
  • No manual intervention in production required

Software requirements:

  • WinCAP 3.0 and POS 2.2

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