Use Quick Select for perfect order picking at high speed

Up to now, order picking was time-consuming, paper-intensive and laborious. The assignment of parts to the order-picking trolley was not always easy. Assignment was effected purely manually.

Now it can be done much more easily and quickly:

The new software offers 3 simplifications:

Visualization of the cutting program

All parts of the cutting program are clearly shown. This means that the person doing the unpacking has a clear picture of where the contour parts are located in the block. This gives him or her a perfect overview.

Identification of the parts

The parts are numbered or can be given a name. This makes it easier to find the parts.

Additional option: Labeling

As soon as the cut block is transported onto the unloading conveyor, Quick Select shows the cutting program on the screen. At the same time the labels, which can be marked as required, are printed out and can be stuck to the contour part.

Fast display of the order

Different orders have different colors. The parts are colored accordingly on the screen. This way, you know exactly which part belongs to which order and can be unpacked quickly.

System requirements: WinCAP 3 and Bäumer Nest including Superior mode.

Individual software training can be found here.

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